What is Advanced Payment Protection?

When you enter new markets, you may find it necessary to pay in advance. What would happen if you had paid in advance only to find that the goods and services had not been delivered?

How Confident Are You That Your Payment Would be Returned?

Advance Payment Protection has been designed to give you the confidence when making deposits or up-front payments that in the event of non- delivery of your goods or services, you will get your money back.

How Does it Work?

Identify the Risk

Select all your suppliers who require payment in advance.

Credit Limit Calculated

Underwriters will calculate a credit limit for each supplier which is the maximum value they will indemnify if payment is not made.

Make Advance Payment

Follow the terms of the contract and monitor the supplier, tracking due dates for delivery of goods and service.

Identify the Loss

Request a refund of advance payment when goods or services are not delivered.

Make a Claim

Provide us with the details if the supplier refuses and fails to refund the advance. If we cannot recover the debt we will indemnify your loss.

Duty Deferment/Customs Bonds

Goods imported from outside the EU are subject to import duty tax on arrival into the UK and this payment is usually due immediately. However, a Duty Deferment, Customs Bond or Movement Guarantee Bond allows importers to defer this payment for up to 45 days, providing greater flexibility and a cash flow advantage.

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