Introduction to Global Warming

We speak to many UK companies interested in exporting. Some are at the exploratory stage, others have made the decision to export but realise there’s work to be done to protect their business and place it in pole position for profitable growth.

Here are the questions we’re frequently asked:

  • Why should I export?

  • What risks will we take when exporting compared with trading in the UK?

  • How will cash flow be impacted compared to UK sales?

  • What are the standard terms when trading with various overseas markets?

  • Will my current funder provide export invoice funding?

  • How can I obtain an up to date risk opinion on my overseas customer?

  • What happens if my overseas customer does not pay?

  • How can I initiate legal proceedings in another country in the event of a non payment or dispute?

It’s little wonder that so many companies decide not to go any further. It’s easy to tell companies to export and relatively easy to start exporting without recognising the challenges they will face. These include debtor and political risk, funding of supplies and export invoices, foreign exchange risk, export documentation, transportation, overseas legal, collections and dispute resolution –  to name the top challenges with many more lining up underneath.

And so we created The Export Hub to provide practical, easy to understand export advice and support. In addressing all the underlining risks associated with exporting from supplier to end user perspective we hope that more companies will expand beyond traditional markets such as Europe or The USA.

We have enlisted the support of many respected and renowned professionals to provide their insights, guidance and advice in the crucial areas of marketing, sales, finance, and export documentation. The Export Hub is also working with a number of leading companies each one with a strong global presence, providing export related services and committed to helping UK companies export by sharing their knowledge and experience.

What’s in it for us?

We believe that most of the businesses using The Export Hub will be happy to avail themselves of the resources provided and no more. Some will require hands on support for example, drafting their terms and conditions for export or finding out more about Trade Credit Insurance and how it can protect their sales ledger when exporting. Most of the services we provide are not chargeable but we are anticipating some interest in our services and expertise, where costs are involved.

Whatever your reasons for visiting The Export Hub, we hope you find it useful and that it provides answers to your questions.

You can email us at helpme@theexporthub.com or call us on +44 (0)1279 437 662 or fill out the contact form.

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