Extending open credit to overseas customers can be challenging. A lack of statutory financial information, the complexity of customs and the export documentation are in themselves barriers. Added to these; foreign exchange risk, the risk of non- delivery of goods by your supplier, (even though goods have been paid in advance) and, the action required when collecting and resolving an overseas disputed debt.

Is it a fraudulent transaction?

You can understand why some companies decide not to trade overseas when faced with these very real risks. But they may have closed the door to new sales opportunities and increased profit.

We would urge you not to turn your back on Exporting until you have tried The EFCIS De-Risk Process.

EFCIS limited (The company that founded The Export Hub) has developed
The De-Risk Export Transactional Risk Process. It predicts the likelihood of payment delay or default in a specific export transaction.

The De-Risk Process scores the underlining export transaction 1 to 100 with 85 being an acceptable transactional grade.

For De-Risk Process scores in excess of 85, trade and export invoice funding and Trade Credit Insurance protection would be available from a panel of specialist providers carefully selected by EFCIS.

The EFCIS De-Risk Process score highlights potential risk factors within a specific export transactions’ cycle for example:

  • The available financial information

  • Third party customer and country risk score

  • Historic country payment performance

  • Political risk supplier and customer debtor risk score

  • Profit erosion score

  • Transportation type and expected timeframe

  • Seasonal risk

  • Supplier default

  • Foreign exchange

  • Your risk appetite as a business

  • Your available working capital

  • The type of goods being exported

  • The likelihood of a product dispute

  • The nature of a customer’s business

  • Your end customer risk score

  • Probability of fraudulent transaction

In short, if you are interested in exporting or would like to review your current exporting strategy this is one of the most useful, comprehensive and powerful tools available at your disposal at no charge.

EFCIS developed The De-Risk Export Risk Process based on many years experience working with businesses and seeing that financial analysis is insufficient enough to arrive at a well researched and incisive decision – do we export or not?

We also accept that not every export transaction should be open credit and The De-Risk score will highlight these transactions.

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